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Anyone Got Paul Henderson's Number?

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You all know what happened last night, and are all aware of what is going to happen to night. The most desired matchup of these Olympics comes to fruition as Team Russia goes up against Team Canada. Win and you move on to the semis; lose and you'll probably have your citizenship revoked. It's that big of a game.

Being an American may dislike of the Russians is too great to not root for my neighbors to the North. We beat them in 1960, you in 1972, and us again in 1980. Now it's your turn again to beat them in 2010. In case you're not already amped up enough; I thought this could help:


Summit Series - Canada Vs. USSR - Game 8 (via tjackson76)

Anyone have Paul Henderson's number? You need to have that man give the pre-game speech.

On to them links.

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