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All your medals are belong to us!!!

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All of these, plus one more silver!  via <a href=""></a>
All of these, plus one more silver! via

Well yesterday was spectacular!!!!  4 medals for Canada, plus we spanked Russia all the way back to the homeland!  Frankly, I'm so exhausted from the spectacular day had by Canada, I don't have much to say.  Sure, I didn't go downtown to join in the festivities, I am an old, responsible lady at this point (plus, I would've had to sleep over downtown and all the people I could crash with have rented out their places for exorbitant sums of money).  But yeah, gold AND silver in women's two-man bobsleigh?  Has that ever happened before?  And how hilarious was it to watch the Korean short track speed skaters celebrate their gold medal, only to be DQ'd and give a silver to Canada?  And really, Clara Hughes has got to be Canada's greatst Olympian.  And that means all 4 medals were won by women.  Just sayin'.

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