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Gold Medal Moments

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This is every male hockey player's dream woman.
This is every male hockey player's dream woman.

Using the picture above as an example, and with conceptual help from PPP member Fergus30, I thought I'd use this morning's FTB to bring you some gold medal moments from these Winter Games.

(Click the caption for the picture. This isn't one of them.)

"I am not a crook!" We'll see what W.A.D.A. has to say about that.

This isn't a gingerbread cookie. I've been lied to.

White man can jump. The guy in the red bib cannot.

YAR! I be a gold medal eating pirate!

She had to win gold; any other medal would have clashed with her outfit.

In a rewrite of history, this German luger won the Battle of the Bulge.

I love the smell of silver in the morning. Smells like second place.

You see this medal? This is platinum son. Real gangsta shit.

On to some links:

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Morning Additions

Emergency resupply of 8,500 condoms en route to the Olympic Village. Giggity [Market Watch]

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Ahh screw that! Live it up ladies! [general borschevsky]

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Playing off of that, NHLers in medal contention [Mirtle]

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