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Are You Lonesome Tonight?

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With no Leaf game and no Lost last night, my TV was definitely lonely last night.  Instead, I relaxed with some music and a book.  Having gone through my Beatles Boxed set, I felt it was time to go back further, to another famous music innovator - Elvis.  Amazingly enough, when it came time for me to write this FTB, I realized his songs relate more to the Leafs than I could have ever imagined.  The track list of links is after the jump!


  1. Young and Beautiful: Jolly January for Leafs Prospects
  2. (You're the) Devil in Disguise: Less Scoring? Play Better Defense
  3. In the Ghetto: Toskala the worst goalie of the decade?
  4. Good Luck Charm: Maple Leafs Boldly Attempt to Enter Playoff Picture
  5. A Big Hunk o' Love: LD Says Goodbye to Ian White
  6. The Wonder of You: Remembering Jiggy, Part 1
  7. Suspicious Minds: The Toronto Maple Leafs are a Glitch in the Matrix
  8. Can't Help Falling in Love: The Hockey News with Allaire on Giguere
  9. Teddy Bear: An Easy Decision
  10. Heartbreak Hotel: Komisarek's season ends early
  11. Don't be Cruel: Ken Hitchcock Fired