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Jean-Sebastien Giguere's New Pads, Catcher, and Blocker

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A loyal reader passed along some pictures of Jean-Sebastien Giguere's recently finished pads, catcher, and blocker. He even passed along this blurb:

"Puppets, when was the last time we had a goalkeeper that was notable enough to talk goalkeeper equipment? Possibly never, heck maybe we still don't care. But damn it a scoop is a scoop, so here they are straight from the factory floor at Reebok, Jiggy's new Toronto Maple Leaf Pads. The pads rolled off the line Thursday morning and are undoubtedly in Jiggy's hands by now. Look for them to debut in practice sometime over the next few days with a game debut within the next week. Somewhere Vesa Toskala is crying..."

I agree. Scoops are great. Why aren't all of you e-mailing me scoops? I love you all but you're all also on notice. Start snooping!

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