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Who Dat? Leafs Dat.

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Hats off to the New Orleans Saints for winning Superbowl 44 and saving us from hearing more asinine comparisons of Peyton Manning to Tom Brady and other legendary quarterbacks. Although this probably will prevent Manning from appearing on SNL again; which was hilarious.

Last night's biggest winner however was Doritos, as their commercials were among the best. You can't go wrong with a smack talking 4 year old, a Doritos casket, or a Doritos clad samurai.  But my favorite was the Snickers commercial that saw Betty White and Abe Vigoda getting laid out:

No doubting the fact that with Bea Arthur dead, Betty White is the hottest remaining Golden Girl.

Betty White Snickers Super Bowl 44 Commercial Abe Vigoda (via 2010SuperAds)

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