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Everyone say hi to Keiko!

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Keiko just woke up. <a href=""></a>
Keiko just woke up.

Please forgive me if today's FTB is a little... bland.  I've been taking care of the little critter pictured above and, let me tell you, housebreaking is a lot of work.  She's finally down to bed and I can squeeze in some time to post today's links... they're below the jump.  Enjoy!

On the Game last night: [The Hockey News] [JaredofLondon]

On Kadri's Debut: [] [Maple Leafs Hot Stove]

Some Wall Papers from Changing on the Fly: [Updated Calendar] [Prospects]

A bit of history, in picture and words: [Tim Horton at the HHOF] [Words About Andy Barbel]

Random Thoughts from MLHS

Torontosuarus Rex is...

Mirtle Attempts to Investigate Kessel's Stick Swap

TSM Takes us to a scary place: [Inside Vesa Toskala's Brain]

And from a special correspondent: [Jason Blake Works on His Conditioning in Anaheim]

PPP Update: What would it take to trade for Tomas Kaberle? Here's what FTF and I agreed to [Fear The Fin]