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Leafs Prospect Matt Frattin

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Matt Frattin
Matt Frattin

Matt Frattin should probably already have the nickname Ogie for his being kicked off the UND Fighting Sioux and his rejoining the team after society at large refused to accept him.

Frattin, Toronto's 4th round pick in 2007, is demolishing the NCAA right now. From Brad Elliott Schlossman's UND Hockey blog:

Matt Frattin is playing like a man possessed. He has nine goals in his last 10 games and is showing off all of his tools: He's extremely fast, he's very physical and he has a very heavy shot. Someday, he'll probably play in the NHL.

UND blog "Goon's World" had this to say about Frattin:

Matt Frattin was the best forward on the ice for the Fighting Sioux this past weekend, he scored four goals this weekend and the kid played like a beast, in my opinion Frattin is a prototypical power forward.

"This past weekend" was a three game playoff series against Minnesota and scoring a goal a game in the NCAA (especially against good competition) is really good.

A man possessed? That's the kind I like. Here's a shaky video of him destroying someone in UND's playoff series against Minnesota this weekend.

Frattin was assessed a five minute major for the hit.

Frattin scores a nice one at four on four. Notice the first guy in to congratulate him: it's Ron Hextall's son.

I'm going to try and run down some UND bloggers to tell us what we have in Matt Frattin but he's a guy with a lot of buzz right now and he's a Leafs prospect who plays a rough but skilled game.