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Farewell *rustles through papers* Leon Stempniak. Lee. Sorry.

Lee Stempniak practices during the offseason.
Lee Stempniak practices during the offseason.

Lee Stempniak has been traded to Phoenix for a couple of late round draft picks. We've successfully converted two first round picks in Alex Steen and Carlo Colaiacovo into a 4th and a 7th rounder. Really it's no wonder why Toronto never wins games.

Lee Stempniak is a victim of his sophomore campaign that saw his shooting percentage clear 14 as he potted 27 goals on a promising young St. Louis Blues squad. Since that season Stempniak's shooting percentage has been a steady eight point oh and people have called him a failure.

Stempniak wasn't as invisible as everyone would like to claim he was; he was a steady two way player for Toronto that rarely did anything completely retarded. Might as well move him for anything but you have to think that the Steen / Carlo trade looks terrible eighteen months later.