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Five Reasons You Love Hockey Contest

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Get one of these free courtesy of Pucking Hilarious

On Sunday Sean Leahy and Puck Daddy were kind enough to invite Chemmy and I to submit five reasons that we love hockey. The reasons varied from a paternal connection to the enjoyment of road trips to the finer aspects of the game. While bloggers, writers, broadcasters, and puckheads of every stripe have had their say on Puck Daddy there hasn't been an opportunity for you, fine readers, to share the reasons that made you fall in love with hockey. And to encourage you to share, our fine friend Likely is offering up the winner's choice of either the new Grabbo Grabbo Hey t-shirt or the soon to be revived Hackey Night shirt. So what's the deal? Head on over the jump to find out:


The Deal

Write one fanpost detailing the five reasons that you love hockey. It's as simple as that. Let us know what drew you to the game and what makes you stick with it. If you need help on how to do this or tips on how to make it good then you should check out this user guide. You're about to get a long weekend thanks to our unspoken agreement to only recognise one religion's holidays with time off work so why not escape your family/take a break from sleeping/assuage your guilt at your religion's part in murdering my Messiah by drunkenly hammering out (because, let's be honest, in all three scenarios, you'll need a stiff drink) your entry to this wonderful contest.

The Deadline

You have to have posted your fanpost before 11:59PM EST on Tuesday, April 6th, 2010. Make sure to tag it with "Five Reasons I Love Hockey" so that I can find them all easily.

The Judging

Unlike our upcoming Podcast Podcast Podcast contest, this one will not involve any real judging. As long as it's a valid entry you'll be tossed into a draw for the prizes. First name out gets first pick of prize, second gets second, and third gets, you guessed it, what's left over.

The Prizes

  1. The winner's choice of a Hackey Night or Grabbo Grabbo Hey t-shirt sent to your mother's basement.
  2. A Doug Gilmour bobblehead.
  3. An official Wendel Clark Night moustache.

The Close

Dead raccoons. Why does it always have to be dead raccoons?