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Home For A Rest

This guy is going to get his wish.
This guy is going to get his wish.

As I may have mentioned once or twice, I am an alum of Queen's University. I spent this past weekend playing in an alumni tournament and reliving past glories and past failures. The hockey was a lot of fun although we were missing a couple of our best players and every year without serious hockey makes it harder to keep up with the youngest teams. However, we most certainly have not lost a step is at the bar where we put together a championship calibre performance. Among the highlights of the night that'll be funny to people that do not know us at all are the following:

  • Saturday we obviously had no idea that Tim Brent was in the lineup. As we sat down to dinner I noticed that he was on the ice and pointed it out to a friend who, completely unbidden and unaware of the goings on around here, wondered aloud "Who the fuck is that?"
  • Obviously, 5 and 6 years on (our team is split) some guys are a bit further along the relationship trail. We hit AJ's (The Ale House for the younger crowd) which coincided with a stream of students celebrating their formals. The comment of the night, commenting on his rapidly turning head, on a night full of them:
    "Look, I have a live-in girlfriend - I love her and stuff - but I need this"
  • One of the members of the frustrated single crew was not impressed with two girls chatting away on their blackberries so he whipped his (blackberry!) out, popped his head between them, and yelled "HEY! I'M AT THE CLUB! IT'S SO MUCH FUN!". Surprisingly, the humour route did not do well.

Now, after a weekend of decent weather, good times, and hockey it's back to the daily grind. Time to look into post-grad programs. My non-stop complaining about how shoddily the tournament is sometimes organised has now resulted in our year taking over the reins (I think, it was a hazy discussion) so if you've ever gone to a similar tourney and done something cool give me some ideas. Links after the jump:

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