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On Playoff Bandwagoning

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With the Leafs out of the playoffs for yet another year, the time is again upon us to decide whether or not we want to find a playoff bandwagon to jump onto.  I was thinking about this a lot yesterday, as I'm going to game 2 of the Canucks/LA series on Saturday.  Last year I was definitely on the Canucks' bandwagon (sorry) because of Sundin, and my husband.  But this year... I can't do it.  Especially not against LA and Drew Doughty.  It seems like I have a crush on young defensemen lately - ever since the Leafs got Phaneuf.  I feel like I should still hate the Kings because of 1993, but Doughty, Kopitar, Brown are hard to cheer against, and then I start thinking about how much people in Vancouver still hate Jack Johnson for the 2006 World Junior Championship that was played here, and I want to cheer for them. 

In fact, I am determined to track down a purple Kings' t-shirt with Doughty on the back to wear to the game on Saturday.  If the Kings weren't playing the Canucks (a team I have grown to dislike, hate and now loathe ever since that horrific loss to the Hawks last year that ended Sundin's dreams) I probably wouldn't care for them to win so much, but for now, they're my team.  Who is yours?

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