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Sun Rises, Life Goes On, Actually Improves

The Earth is still turning. Weird.
The Earth is still turning. Weird.

The NHL playoffs are the best in sport. There is no contest and anyone offering up a counter argument is a fascist. By some fluke, we've previewed three of the four series that are starting today and we'll get the fourth up some point today. This is the first day of two months worth of the most exciting hockey of the year. As I've said often, I look for the Canadian teams to get eliminated first and in the most painful fashion possible. Once that happens I can fully enjoy the rest...mostly. The one thing I live for: overtime goals. As Don Cherry says, they don't call it sudden death for nothing. The more the merrier and each year needs at least one epic overtime that leaves everyone in the office that stays up displaying their bleary eyes as a badge of honour while outing those that skipped out early as communists. Do what you must with that knowledge.

Down Goes Brown: Google's new Maple Leafs TV ad
I think that the Barilkosphere has created a monster. There are some amazing ones in there.

Battle Of Ontario: In case you missed it...
MLSE (not me, the real one) sent out their Thank You Letter. I suggest cutting it out of the paper, writing "NO THANKS" in big red letters, and sending it back to 40 Bay St.

Abel to Yzerman - 19th Annual Eastern Conference Playoff Predictions
You are going to enjoy a lot of this.

Video: Bryzgalov talks Detroit pressure, does 'Roxbury' impression - Puck Daddy
Ilya Bryzgalov is ridiculously funny. I wish JFJ had picked him up.

Vintage Leafs: Stajan hit by Boychuk
Matt Stajan's skates seem to lock into the trolley tracks. He was constantly teeing himself up in TO and of the 2 minutes of CGY hockey I watched this year he managed to get destroyed. Poor kid.

Live From The Five Hole - Second City Hockey Podcast
Wait, you can have guests on your podcast? Huh. I think if this has anything in common with ours it is that it is better than you'd expect. Also, Greg Wyshynski is on.

Objective NHL: Playoff Probabilities
More numbers to help you make your betting selections.

EA Sports crowns champ and betting odds - Puck Daddy
EA Sports is obsessed with droughts and Bodog has your betting advice

Pensburgh playoff predictions
More predictions. This time they give Montreal a win. I don't like it.

Quinn reacts to Souray trade request | Putting on the Foil
Pat Quinn is awesome. I hate that he is stuck in Edmonton with two buffoons ruining his legacy with a terrible team.

Norman James Sports: We on, Dion
Someone is happy with the news that he is going to be named the Maple Leafs' next captain.

Vintage Leaf Memories: 10 Favorite Maple Leaf playoff memories from 1955 to the present
What a long time as a fan! Share your faves iwth Michael.