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I'm Wendel Clark, you're the puck

Jared Pythons on Cougar Life
Jared Pythons on Cougar Life

So yesterday I got really bored.  Like, really, really bored.  So I finally did it - signed Jared up for Cougar Life.  Fergus30 was a great help in filling out the profile, but the icing on the cake was my answer to the question "What is your ideal fantasy role-playing" which I filled out as "I'm Wendel Clark, you're the puck."
To see the rest of his profile, click here and here.

Please help Fergus30 and I to convince Jared to actually go on a date or two with a woman from this site.  If he agrees, we can all pitch in a few bucks for a one month membership ($40) and get some extra access (unpaid you only get 3 messages which you can send, and apparently can't read all of the messages that are sent to you.)  C'mon, peer pressure created "Throw the Snake" - let's get some support for "Date a Cougar"!!!

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