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Throw The Snake Reaches Its Zenith

I love it when a plan comes together. By now you've likely read about #ThrowTheSnake, Chemmy's contribution to sports marketing. Pro Hockey Talk jumped on the bandwagon when it became a trending topic on Twitter before Puck Daddy picked up the story. Travis Hair, of Five For Howling, tried to work with the Phoenix Coyotes to create a new fan tradition before the team's first playoff game in a long time and one very trying season. Unfortunately, the Phoenix Coyotes are a soulless corporation with nary an ounce of creativity in their body. Instead of finding a workaround, which anyone with a brain could figure out, they replied to interested fans' queries with the threat of being ejected. The meme even spawned an official shirt which made it out to the game as seen on the left!

Most fans were cowed by the threat but one hero took Chemmy's crazy idea and made it a reality after the Coyotes' first goal. Things didn't end there. James Duthie mentioned the movement on TSN (if someone can get that on video you'd be great) but better was to come. Thanks to Junior for capturing the iDesk segment with Jeff Marek and Scott Morrison:

Marek even gets the pronunciation of "Chemmy" correct. I hope he enjoys the podcast. If you see any other media mentions please add them in the comments and I'll update the post.

CTV/CP24 in Toronto Courtesy of @Jeffler