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Sabres vs. Bruins

This would be a lot better if not for the need for me to run the show over at Five For Howling last night. Well worth it though. So here are three previews from people that didn't have to slake their thirst for thrown snakes last night:

  1. Behind The Net
  2. Double Edged Sabres
  3. Puck Daddy

Common themes in them include that Boston can't score to save their lives. Hmmm I wonder if we know anyone that could help with that?

The Bruins are lucky that they are playing a team that also struggles to play goal or they'd be swept. They have our first rounder so they are evil but Buffalo is Buffalo. God, I don't even know what to cheer for? A meteor? The Apocalypse? I won't watch a game of this series because it is going to be sinfully boring but I predict Tyler Myers will emerge as some sort of man-god because his many mistakes will be covered by either Ryan Miller stopping or the Bruins not recognising what to do with the puck in front of the net.