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This Is Not Going Well

Plekanec has his 'Jagr' moment - Puck Daddy
What an asshole.

Thank God this isn't a one and done playoff system. Dear God.

Bitter Leaf Fan Page: Early Playoff Thoughts
# 2 is so true it's not even funny.

Ovechkin sees room for improvement -

Zelkovich: Losing Maple Leafs big winners on television -
Regional TV ratings more than doubled for the Maples Leafs despite another dismal NHL season at the Air Canada Centre.

Report: Leafs, Gustavsson Agree to 2 year Deal " Maple Leafs Hot Stove
People likes this deal.

Four Habs Fans: Caps/Habs Game 1 Preview and Open Thread: 1993 Inspiriation Edition
This worked. Maybe it was the Nazi statues in the banner.

Raking Leafs: Regretting Rask
Simple rules going forward for Brian Burke.

Sens 5, Pens 4: Shhhhhh...You'll Frighten The Children
The other reason SLC was reminded of Grade 9 by the Senators game? There were no girls.

Mike Emrick Preps for Best Time of Year -- NHL FanHouse
This is Chemmy's favourite announcer.

Vintage Leaf Memories: Gustavsson signing makes sense
However some deals aren't that great.