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Today is chock full of playoff hockey. So far every  game has been at least close for the majority of the game. First up, is the Coyotes-Red Wings series in about an hour. That's followed up by a double-header with the Penguins travelling to Ottawa which Damien Cox hilariously called a loud building. Sure, when the Leafs are in town. The second half is the third game of the always interesting Devils-Flyers series. The game is in Philadelphia so we'll see what fresh disgustingness their fans can conjure up. Baseball fans invented the "make yourself puke on an 11 year old girl". Your move hockey fans. And then the final game of the day will feature the Blackhawks looking to even their series with the Predators. And now that I've been reminded the REAL final game is game three between the Sharks and Avalanche.

Phew! And if you need something to read, just head over the jump. - Dispatches from the Ministry of Truth
Every time I think Toronto's media is terrible I head over to an Oilers blog and realise at least we don't have to read Pravda.

Vintage Leafs: Broda wins the Vezina
Remember when Leafs won individual awards?

Vintage Leafs: Stafford & Harold: Takin' care of business
One grenade could have saved us a lot of heartache.

Four Habs Fans: Habs Robbed: Caps 6, Habs 5 OT
You're going to notice a theme from the Canadian teams' fans...

Habs Overwhelmed By Capitals, With Official Assistance - Habs Eyes On The Prize
And exhibit B.

Vigneault, Canucks Fume Over Costly 'Too Many Men' Penalty -- NHL FanHouse
Vancouver had SEVEN skaters on the ice. Not six. SEVEN!

Deal for Coyotes Raises Eyebrows - Slap Shot Blog
The agreement to buy the Phoenix Coyotes reached by a group led by Jerry Reinsdorf is being criticized for putting too much risk on local government.

Sports And The City: Stealing Home: A night of firsts in Steeltown
Follow the ongoing travels of Eyebleaf!

Out Of Left Field: The Blue Jays, the balanced schedule and why you ignore buffoons
A hell of a piece about MLB's stupid schedule and the impact it has on the Blue Jays.

Texts From Last Night
Hockey is serious business.

Post Lockout Top 10 Scorers: East vs. West
The west is pretty whiny.