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Five Reasons I Love Hockey & your Monday Morning Links

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Yeah yeah, the contest ended a week and a half a go. I'm like to procrastinate. The winner chosen at random will be announced later today so stay tuned for that and for an epic beatdown at the hands of PPP. You will love it. Without further adieu, the Five Reasons why SkinnyFish Loves Hockey - The Abridged Version

I love playing hockey. The speed and skill of the game are second to no other sport. There something about flying down the ice at breakneck speed and dancing around a defender that just feels supernatural.

I love coaching hockey. This past year I coached a squirt team out of New Canaan, CT and it was one of the best experiences of my life. The kids and parents were great, and it felt fantastic to impart my love of hockey onto impressionable young minds.

I love refereeing hockey. Since I was 14, I've been refereeing hockey. I started reffing with my dad and it was a great bonding experience for the both of us and really brought us closer together. Now I ref for the fun of it; there's not a better seat in the house for watching a game.

I love watching hockey. No other sport delivers the same tempo, feelings, and non-stop action that hockey does. A recent study showed that in football, plays are being run for a total of 9 out of the 60 minutes of play. In hockey it's 60 minutes of non-stop all out action, and I love watching it.

I love debating about hockey. Whether it's salary cap issues, coaching strategies, or player evaluation I love it all and can't get enough. PPP has been a huge factor in this and really allowed my fandom to reach the next level, so thank you all who have contributed to that.

So where's my t-shirt?

Links after the jump.

The Leafs are bottom feeders no more

After being consistently ranked near the bottom, the Leafs have cracked the Hockey's Future top 10 for organizational depth.


Caps fans name their kid after Alex Ovechkin

Were helped in creating the kid by Alex Semin


Powerplay scoring chances for Leafs this last season

Slava Duris with a great breakdown of a terrible area for the Leafs.


Building a contender through salary efficiency

Brian Burke, take some notes.


Where hockey players' careers go to die

The dynamic duo of Bloge Salming and DGB deliver the goods yet again.


Why the 1993 playoffs were reminiscent of the 1960s

Vintage Leaf memories recalls the bad times.


Defending Big D with a recap of last night's games

Welcome to upset city?


Your first lack of supplemental discipline outrage this post season

Why Boychuck's slash deserved more than just a penalty. (SF note - He hurt his left leg and got slashed on the right. Watch the video.)


Bizarre goal lifts Avalanche over the Sharks

Also, Blake was booed as a villain in Denver. Uhh guys...he helped win you your last cup. Just saying. The goal


Fear the mullet

Seriously, it's hideous. You should be very afraid.


Theodore or Varlamov - Who should the Caps start

Japers rink brings up the question on everyone's mind.


Looking at the possible Vezina Trophy Winners

Tyler Myers' name strangely absent. Will win through a write-in campaign.



Hanzel is so hot right now.