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Monday Was Epic, Hopefully Tuesday Follows Suit

So in case you were in a coma yesterday then you know how awesome Monday April 19th was. There was just so much win in almost everything that happened. However, through all the awesome one happening shone brighter than the others; one thing was truly epic.

No I don't mean Client Jaroslaugh HAHAHAlak being pulled in favor of Carey Jesus Price, and I'm not talking about Andrew Raycroft going in for Luongo. No, I'm referring to Jose Canseco absolutely losing his damn mind yesterday morning on Twitter. Through his verified Twitter account, the former Bash Brother suggested an ancient Spartan style of killing unpure babies upon birth; challenged all those who doubted his MMA skills to a fightforetold the impending end of the worldthreatened murder upon haters; and then had his girlfriend wake up and apologized for "venting" unto the world, all the while berating people who tweeted at him. Down Goes Brown has provided you with a handy dandy flowchart to use in case you meet Jose on the street and want to avoid getting beat up.

Seriously if you're not on Twitter, get on Twitter. Then follow me @SkinnyFishbowl (why yes, I have no shame) and then follow @JoseCanseco.  You'll be glad you did.

Oh also, some hockey related stuff happened yesterday. Follow the jump for those links.

Top Nine things going on so far in the playoffs

That's right, just nine. I see no number ten.

Average playoff game lengths since 1980

Behind the Net with an interesting look at how long games go in the playoffs.

A nice round-up of stories to follow so far these playoffs

Fear the Fin does the work so you don't have to.

NBC lost $223M through Winter Olympic coverage

This is karma working on behalf of Conan O'Brien

Oh Canada, our home and something something

Anthem singer at the LAK-VAN game didn't know the words to Oh Canada. Seriously.

Too much tongue

This is just wrong.

Stats which tell you nothing

Some stats just shouldn't exist.

Lessons learned this season

Chansler writes at MLHS about things he learned this season


CSI: Mile High Hockey

Miller, Bryzgalov, and Brodeur for the Vezina

People are actually calling for Martin Brodeur to win this because they are dumb. I'm looking at you Mike Keenan.

LOLeafs errrr LOLother teams

Loser Domi doing what she does best.

Will the Leafs shop for some UFAs?

Geez I sure hope not if this is their shopping list.

Penalty Kill Time vs Scoring Chances Against

Slava Duris breaks down the short handed scoring chances against per player.

Sittler's fro and White's baby

Vintage Leafs brings you more pictures of the Leafs' past

Ten reasons Daniel Alfredsson will not make the hall of fame

At Jared's request, this oldie but goodie was included. I think we should send it to Ian Mendes.