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Yesterday Was a Bit of a Haze

Chris Neil is apparently living this movie; only with more crying.
Chris Neil is apparently living this movie; only with more crying.

For some reason, my recollection of yesterday is hazy at best. I really have a hard time remembering what I did. And to make matters worse, someone took my notes for the FTB and used them for rolling paper. Total bummer. So instead of some long diatribe, I'll leave you with this quote

During a scrum at the end of the Penguins-Senators game, this is apparently what Mike Rupp said to Chris Neil:

I'd be doing your wife if she didn't have a penis.

Boom. Roasted. Links after the jump.

This is your new favorite time waster

It doesn't matter if you a Caps fan or not; this is great.

Elliott Friedman's 30 Thoughts

Definitely a must read every week.

Datsyuk, Kesler, J. Staal for the Selke

There's a lot of good debate going around on what makes for a good defensive forward.

Goalie controversy in Montreal and Jacques Martin in the middle

Quelle horreur!

Marc Savard cleared for practice

Good to see he's getting better. If the Bruins get past Buffalo, they'll probably face Pittsburgh should they best Ottawa......


That's how you spell Conn Smythe.

Apparently we're still debating the Kessel trade

Yup, what that said.

Leafs Even Strength Scoring Chances

Slava Duris with the next installment of the scoring chances study

Tomas Kaberle - <This end up<

Vintage Leafs thinks that the Leafs are mishandling the whole Kaberle situation

Smoke and a champagne

Now thats how you celebrate

Like beer? Like Playoffs?

Then play the playoffs drinking game. You're liver will thank me.