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Saturday's Snippets

That's all you need to know about last night's Canucks-Kings game.
That's all you need to know about last night's Canucks-Kings game.

I won't try to gild the lily today. Here are your links:

Can Canada Love the Vancouver Canucks?
No. Thank God. Screw 'em all.

Eric Belanger receives a high stick, pulls out his... - Fallen Leafs
NHL players are nails.

Passengers Weighing Down Caps' Playoff Bus
Bruce Boudreau knows that the Capitals blew a great chance to get some rest before the second round.

Join me at TFC vs. Montreal for $40 | Toronto Mike's Blog
If you're free on Wednesday I suggest heading down to BMO to see Toronto take on Montreal.

Bobby Orr's battle-scarred jersey fetches $191,000 - CTV News
Could have been a Maple Leafs jersey.

Vintage Leaf Memories: It's hard to ignore ex-Leaf prospect Rask’s success in Boston
I saw the bright side at the time of the deal but, hindsight or foresight, this deal was always terrible. It's just getting worse.

KuklasKorner - Lidstrom Screwed by Stats and Stupidity
I don't know why it's such a shock that a 40 year old is only the fourth best in the league.

Norris Trophy Finalists: Green vs. Doughty vs. Keith - Puck Daddy
Wyshynski has Doughnuts for Calder. I think Keith will win.

Canadiens bribe fans to give up their counterfeit NHL jerseys - Puck Daddy
The Habs are cracking down on counterfeit jerseys.

Four Habs Fans: Ten Things I Hate About the Washington Capitals
This is some great hate.

Vintage Leafs: Bower Suit
Johnny Bower's face hasn't changed in 60 years!

Devils' era of greatness ends with a whimper -
I guess what I'm saying Brooksie is that you're jumping the gun here.