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Monday Morning Linkage

It's Monday morning so I ain't gonna talk ya head off or nothing. Instead I'm going to just give you them links.


Brad Richards of the Stars undergoes surgery for torn labrum

If a (contract extension) cannot be reached, a Brad Richards trade might become a realistic possibility.... Just throwing that out there.

This is a whole lot of WTF? surrounding Sidney Crosby

Fallen Leafs brings us a Crosby toy that is just baffling

In with the new and in with the old?

MLHS thinks the team needs some veterans, and looks at three old guys who will never play for the Leafs.

Happiness: The Ottawa Senators losing in the first round

Toronto Mike points out that even with the Leafs 6 years removed from the playoffs, the outcome is still the same for the Senators.

A Leafs goalies wearing #35 who stops the puck

Who are J.S. Giguere and Jeff Reese