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Let's Name a Park!

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Do you like ballot stuffing for good? Do you like Chemmy created internet memes like "Throw the Snake" and "Run Vesa Toskala out of town"? Of course you do so it's time to carry your weight PPPers.

Torontoist is having a contest to name a new park in Toronto and I think the name should be Wendel Park. Take two seconds to reflect on the pun and agree that a park should be named after his Punchliness and let's get to work.

What should you do?

1. Go to the original blog entry and post a comment saying you love the name "Wendel Park" because it's true.

2. If you're a Toronto resident go to this page and fill it out with real information saying you want the park to be named Wendel Park with a short blurb expressing your love for someone who would punch the living hell out of you if he found out you didn't vote for him.

If we complete those two goals satisfactorily we will be able to do some serious ballot stuffing on May 31st when the semifinal voting starts. Let's get to it PPPers: we're all counting on you.