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Midnight Strikes for Cinderella

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And thus, we a 6-1 playoff lesson handed to them by the Detroit Red Wings, the Phoenix Coyotes' season is over. Considering all they've gone through this year from be on the auction block; to rumors of Hamilton; to being taken over by the NHL; this is a team that has far exceeded expectations. Who would have thought that removing the game's greatest player from the organization would have made them into a 107 point team?  So congratulations go out to the Coyotes.

Also, last night should have come as a big morale boost to the Washington Capitals and their fans. The Wings showed that a team can only ride superhuman goal tending for a limited time before pucks start finding the twine. Because of that, I'm predicting a 7-3 shellacking to occur at the Verizon Center tonight. The Caps are going to come out of the gates and make up for lost time by potting a few quick ones with a rowdy crowd behind them.

Anywho, if you haven't put in a good word for Wendel Park, I hate you. Links after the jump.

Now that's a terrible looking cap roster

If you though the Leaf's cap situation stunk; check out Ottawa's potential roster for next season. Yup, that's a $10.5M second line anchored my Kovalev.

Tuesday's Prospect Report: Keith Allen Aulie

He's like a wookie on skates.

Ian Laperriere out indefinitely with a brain contusion

Yikes. Here's wishing him a speedy recovery.

"The NHL" just sent me a friend request!

DGB looks at some of the features for the new Facebook integrated

Even after a 6-1 loss and a first round exit, there is lot's to like

Good job Phoenix Coyotes on a great season.

Who is the man behind the mask?

Mirtle with a look at the meteoric rise of Client Jiroslav Halak.

This Datsyuk goal was a thing of beauty

How does he even think to do such a thing?

Sasquatch is real and he plays hockey

Vintage Leafs has the photographic proof