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Playoffs Suck

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I honestly cannot remember the playoffs being this sucky in a long time.  I am so frustrated by the teams this year, I have noone left to cheer for.  I am still in shock that the Capitals blew it against the Habs last night - WTF Mike Green?  Boudreau - why was Carlson on the ice with Green when Moore scored?  Dominic Moore scored the GWG?  CAN SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE IT END?
Anyways, I don't know what to do with myself.  I hate the Habs, Flyers, Wings, Canucks, Black Hawks, and I don't really want to cheer for Pittsburgh, they have enough bandwagonners already.  The Sharks will inevitably choke soon (probably against Detroit).  The Bruins may win on the back of a Maple Leafs draft pick, and then add our #2 overall pick to it this summer.  Can we just have another lock out year where the Cup isn't awarded?  Seriously.  I need to move to, like, China or Australia where I can more easily ignore playoff hockey until it's over.
In the meantime - does anyone wanna start a "When will Bruce Boudreau be fired" pool?  I've got a week after the cup is awarded.

Also, if anyone has a lead on where to find a habs car flag in Vancouver, drop me a line.
Links after the jump.

Contract Details for Scrivens, Rynnas
MLHS has an interesting link for us to keep in mind, with the contract breakdowns for our two new goalies.

Free agent pairings – John Mitchell and SRV.. I mean, MVR
maple stir-up would like a couple of current Leafs to be cut loose this summer.

Hockey is War
Vintage Leafs' new photos start out awesome with this one of Ian Turnbull.

Fallen Leafs
Our own puckurgently had a traumatic night last night.

Teen goalie wins title with 4 broken ribs, punctured lung
This kid seems like the embodiment of a Brian Burke player. And hey, we could use another goalie, couldn't we?

Seguin tops Hall for OHL's top award
I'm wondering if this tips the Oilers' choice towards Seguin. I just have a feeling that we'll see Hall in a Bruins jersey on draft day. But hey, Kadri came in 3rd!

2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs Semifinals Schedule
2nd Round schedule in case any of you wanted to plan your social lives around hockey.

A Trip to the Western Conference Semifinals Aquarium
Earl Sleek at Battle of California has a brilliant cartoon summarizing the Western conference teams who've advanced to the second round.

An Abrupt End
A great summary from Off Wing Opinion, a blog I used to visit daily but for some reason had forgotten about, on the Capital's first round loss.

Top 10 Secondary Players in Round 1
The Hockey Writer's takes a look at who've been the best supporting players through the first round of the playoffs. I'm a fan of #3.

Statistical Underachievers
Hockey Centric looks at the top ten players whose stats weren't where they were expected to be this past season. Sure, we have an entry at #9, but at least we didn't choose the guy at #3 over him.

Bruins to unveil Bobby Orr statue outside TD Garden
I think the Bruins are trying to compete with our Wendel Park campaign.

Ex-Leaf Dominic Moore: It’s better to be lucky- and good
Vintage Leaf Memories on Dominic Moore and the Captial's loss last night.

End of the road
Wrap Around Curl had a big day. I feel like we need to support her in making the obviously difficult decision to cancel her Chiefs season tickets.