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I'm Rooting for the Meteor

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No words (because I forgot it was my turn and went to bed early); just links.

Basketball sucks; Hockey rules

Nothing new here.

Quest for the Cup Part 2: The Meddling Octopus

BoC with the next installment

Brian Burke = Genius

Well duh.

The Leafs make another list showcasing how bad this season was

Behind the Net with Corsi numbers affecting the score.

The newest work of genius by Bloge Salming

You've already clicked the link.

The art of blocking a shot

The G&M with some insight on how it's done.

How a goalie's performance changes with age

A great look by hockey analysis here. Definitely worth a read.

Just say No to Nonis leaving

The assistant GM is a front runner for the top job in Tampa.

The Leafs lack depth at center

That is correct.

Run the goalie...LIKE A BOSS

sleza with a look at how the Caps should have done it.

Reminiscing about Gill and Murphy

VLM takes a look at the slow defensemen we hardly knew.

Joe Nieuwendyk and a set of twins celebrate a goal

Vintage Leafs with more photo goodness