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Happy Anniversary to me!

From our wedding
From our wedding

On this date - April 5 - two years ago, I was getting married.  It was an overcast day, maybe about 7C, which our photographer said was perfect for our pictures.  Everything went off with out a hitch, aside from my corset restricting how much I could eat, which really sucked.  We had roast lamb, roast beef, and chicken breast.  There were 7 kinds of cheesecake.  We had 150 cupcakes made, with butter creme icing.  I barely got to eat any of that, but the best part was leaving for our honeymoon in Maui the next day.  Last year, for our first anniversary, we went to Victoria for the weekend, at a really nice boutique hotel and enjoyed the city and a delicious dinner at a french restaurant.  This year, April is a busy month, so we didn't go away, but we did try West, rated one of the top restaurants in Vancouver.  It was an incredible dinner, and it was nice that we got a long weekend together.  So today, you must all celebrate my wedding day with me!!

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