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Maple Leafs 1 at Rangers 5:

Pictured: Jonas Gustavsson
Pictured: Jonas Gustavsson

The Toronto Maple Leafs love their fans. They are so dedicated to doing everything they can to make the Montreal Canadiens miss the playoffs that they rolled over for the New York Rangers tonight. Here are the highlights of a terrible game:

  1. Dion Phaneuf scored his first as a Maple Leaf
  2. Jonas Gustavsson kept the score in single digits.
  3. Colton Orr was the team's best player.

The bad?

  1. The first goal came 21 seconds into the game as Tomas Kaberle showed no regard for defence.
  2. The second featured Christian Hanson dogging it after the trailer and Francois Beauchemin trying to be too cute by half after Gustavsson made a great save.
  3. The third is a perfect example of why you cannot turn the puck over in the neutral zone.
  4. The Leafs, always eager to give up any momentum, fell asleep and allowed Olli Jokinen to score on a play that was apparently the worst display of goaltending ever according to Pierre McGuire (it wasn't).
  5. Aaron Voros, who's been a healthy scratch 40 times this year, scored. That's all.

The ugly?

  1. I hope Chemmy comes in and fills this out.

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