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Please Hockey Gods. Please.

Last night, step one in a five step process that will result in the Montreal Canadiens missing the playoffs took place. Here's what else needs to happen to give us one hell of a chip to play in future trash-talking:

  1. The New York Rangers need to win both games against the Philadelphia Flyers.
  2. The Philadelphia Flyers need to take one of those losses to overtime or the shootout.
  3. The Boston Bruins need to pick up just one point in their last two games.
  4. The Toronto Maple Leafs need to beat the Montreal Canadiens in regulation in Montreal.

Now, that last one tells you just how hard it is going to be for everything to play out exactly as we hope so light candles, go to church, sacrifice a virgin, or whatever you need to do to curry favour with the hockey gods. On a completely unrelated note, I will be in Kingston this weekend. Onto the links:

Battle Of Ontario: Kadri last night in Kitchener...
Nazem Kadri might have been shut out last night but The Muppet was at the crazy 8-7 game and liked what he saw. - Four Cup Contenders with Goaltending Issues
Self-explanatory isn't it.

The Wonderful World of Loser Domi: Friday YouTube Yoinkage
She's no journalist but she's okay with that. And we prefer it that way.

james mirtle: Who has Hart this season?
Vote in this poll or write in your 'other' suggestion.

PuckDrawn: Jets and Nords! WHA Redesigns
Jersey porn for the Make It Seven crowd.

Red and Black Hockey : Staal’s hat trick on hat night
Don't get too excited but...Carolina did their part.

PuckDrawn: More Canadian Division Concepts
Jersey porn is actually pretty interesting.

Comparables: CSS List, Part I - Hockey or Die
Someone at the Central Scouting Service hates Jordan Weal.

A Look Ahead - Maple Leafs Hot Stove
Garrett does not believe in looking backwards so he'll look forward. See what he likes about the team.

Battle Of Ontario: 2nd overall
Don't got his dancing shoes on. Of course, he might not be as glad to be standing on our grave if he realised that the senators suck, they are going to get nuked in the playoffs, and their draft pick will stink.

NHL Goals Of The Week - Hockey or Die
Sweet goals courtesy of Jonathan Willis