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Cleaning Mussels Sucks

Dirty mussels via <a href=""></a>
Dirty mussels via

Well I figured last night, after the Penguins showed the NHL how to beat Jaroslav Halak, that I'd make a special dinner.  I had some great chorizo sausage I'd bought at a portugese bakery, and I ran down to the local fish market and got some mussels to go with them.
Ugh.  I'd never had to clean mussels before.  It really sucks.  But it was worth it, I simmered the mussels in the sausage with some tomato, onion and wine.  Mmmmmm yummy dinner. Nothing like watching some playoff hockey, eating a really nice dinner, and then drinking a nice bottle of wine.

So now that I'm all mellow and happy, I present you today's links.