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Make It Zero!

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The Blackhawks have done their job and eliminated a Canadian team from the playoffs; now the job of doing the same falls to the Penguins.  Enough of the "root Canadian" crap; if a Canadian team isn't wearing a Maple Leaf on the front (red or blue), then you shouldn't be cheering for them.

What you should be cheering for instead is the nation, nay continent-wide embrace of the summer's newest dance jam; The Stanky Legg.  What's the Stanky Legg you ask? Take a looksee. 

Hells yeah. Now that's a dance that even I can do. Links after the jump.

Ain't no salary cap in the front office

Leafs' deep pockets help keep Nonis in Toronto.

Lehtonen receives extension in Dallas

This means Marty Turco is going to hit the UFA market.

Bits & Pieces

MLHS with a quick little sum up on recent goings on.

Mikhail Grabovski is as "lucky" as they come

He didn't hit one post all season.

Here's your chance to big on a game worn Olympic Jersey

The NHLPA and eBay team up for Hockey for Haiti.

Will the Leafs resign Kulemin?

VLM takes at look at our potential diamond in the rough.

Darcy Tucker cares not for your theory of gravity

Vintage Leafs with more photo goodness.

Want a Canadian sterotype?

This guy called 911 on himself for drunk driving, and then apologized to the arresting officer.

Tampa Bay Lightning pull a dick move with Stephane Veilleux

Refuse to pay for shoulder surgery.