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Idle Hands: Hockey-Reference Pages

The only thing missing from this picture is a Miley Cyrus fan.
The only thing missing from this picture is a Miley Cyrus fan.

This community's history of online hijinks is long and distinguished. One of our first ventures was the sponsoring of rival Hockey-Reference pages. Last year we racked up some new ones and now have a pretty good stable. Today, I just want to get an idea of which ones you folks think are worth keeping. Here's what we have. The first link is the post with suggested captions and the second in the page. The Carey Price and Montreal Canadiens ones had to be changed because they proliferated a rumour that I have heard from a couple of good sources that Carey Price may have allegedly gotten a girl in trouble who may or may not have had to miss home room as a result:

  1. Carey Price - "More Ken Dryden (Liberal Leadership Candidate) than Ken Dryden (Conn Smythe Winner)"
  2. Montreal Canadiens - ""A proud tradition of attacking refs, senseless rioting, running with mobsters, bandwagon fans, stealing soccer chants and desperately clinging to the past. A cup drought with no end in sight (so help us God)."
  3. Ottawa Senators - "The Dynasty That Never Was from the City That Fun Forgot. A fan base made up entirely of bandwagon hoppers, small children, and former (and future) Leafs and Habs fans."
  4. Daniel Alfredsson - ""Go ahead and write it, I guarantee we'll win the Cup." - Daniel Alfredsson, 2004."
  5. Cory Clouston - "Longest serving & winningest coach in Senators history"

After the jump I've attached a poll in which you can select multiple options to see which ones to renew.

Lest we be accused of being obsessed with other fanbases, we also managed to pick up three of the most important Leafs related pages:

  1. Luke Schenn - "Our Luke and Saviour"
  2. Mats Sundin - "First player to score 500 as a Leaf. All-time Leaf leader in goals and second in assists. 20th most goals scored in the NHL and most overtime goals in NHL history. Nine-time all-star. Captain of the Swedish Gold Medal Olympic team. Greatest Leaf Ever."
  3. Toronto Maple Leafs - "Through the pain and misery to better times – blue and white will always be the colours of our hearts."