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Montreal Cop Car via <a href=""></a>
Montreal Cop Car via

Last night, the greatest thing to hit twitter since #throwthesnake happened.  It was a result of the horrible game 7 that the Penguins lost to the Habs (seriously, Fleury?  Is your family all Habs fans that threatened you or something?).  But @montrealcopcar has got to be one of the funniest things I have ever read.  It started with the brilliance of "I'm on fire" and then continued on to mock Eklund and Sens_Suck.  If you didn't catch it last night, go there now and read what it tweeted.  If the Habs had to win, at least we got some humour out of it.  Now, of course, I will have to cheer for either the Bruins or Flyers in the ECF, which is one of the worst things I'll have done in a long time.  Ugh.  

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