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It's no secret that we do not like the Flyers around here. Aside from just ripping on their fans, hating their players, and generally despising everything about the city Toronto also has some painful playoff history with the Philadelphia Flyers. The last playoff memory that we have is of Jeremy Roenick pouncing on a loose puck and firing a wrist shot over Eddie Belfour's glove hand to eliminate the Leafs. So normally we'd be cheering against them with every fibre of our being.

However, after completing a pretty impressive comeback, they face the Montreal Canadiens. Forget people that try to bury the rivalry. The Montreal Canadiens are in their first conference final in 17 years. Think about that for a second. The team with the most Stanley Cups including one in every decade has not won two playoff series in one Spring in 17 years. They have not even been good for the majority of those years. They are well on their way to falling off of their pedestal and becoming a team that treads solely on its history and not on any recent achievements. As Leaf fans, we know that making a Stanley Cup final is just like winning one. If you didn't know that just ask any Canucks fan. So yeah, it'll make me sick but...Go Flyers...BOOOOO SANTA! YAY PARALYSIS! *sticks finger down my throat* BLEARRRRRGH! Oh God, this is going to be tougher than I thought.

Links after the jump:

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Here's a special Behind The Net section on the Montreal Canadiens and their fans and their fear of numbers