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Call of "Duty": Modern Bandwagoning 2

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What the Canadiens' bandwagon currently looks like.
What the Canadiens' bandwagon currently looks like.

If you've ever ventured into the CC, chances are you've come across a discussion about video games. I love video games.  My all time favorite, and the game that was my first true virtual love, is Galaga.  I shoot space beetles and bees like you ain't never seen before. Nowadays, I can be found coming home from work and booting up the XBOX for a little of internet shooting via Modern Warfare 2.

Basically imagine having the ability to wage war against angry prepubescent boys with mouths that would make Andrew Dice Clay blush. Before and after each match, all players are put into a game lobby where, if they have the proper equipment, they can talk to one another.  Basically this turns into a game of name calling and questioning one's sexuality.  Trust me, it's lots of fun.

Anywho, there is a menu system used here that shows you the gamertags of every player (mine's Weirdneal).  A feature of MW2 is  the ability to gives yourself a four character clan tag. Think of clans as online groups of players that like to play with one another and call themselves a sort of internet gang.  When not sporting their clans four character moniker, people generally use the clan tag to write things like "BUTT" "GAY!" "Dr." "420" "DANK" and "POOP". Again, good times.

Now I've been playing this game with regularity since it debuted in November and have seen tons of clan tags.  However, in the last two weeks I've seen an influx of clan tags that were never seen before.  Not once do I remember these clan tags before the end of April.  These clan tags are "QC" "HABS" and "MTL". Yes, that's right. All of a sudden, MW2 have seen an huge increase in people who want you to know that they are Canadiens fans. I wonder where these players were before the end of April?  But perhaps the funniest part of all of this is what has happened over the past two days. Since the Habs 6-0 loss to the Flyers in game 1, I haven't seen one such clan tag. I guess the wheels are coming off of the Habs bandwagon.

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