Making A Case For Mickey Grabs

Round yon'd interwebs there is much dissent among Leaf fans. Not so much here at PPP, but other Leaf and/or hockey centric webbed scopes. The case of our long haired pineapple stabber seems to run hot and cold. Some love him, many hate him. I seem to find many call him over paid with a boat anchor of a contract. This got me wondering. Just what does 2.9 Million a year get you?

Rules of engagement. Forwards who, last season made within 500k of Grabbo who arn't on ELCs.

This is strictly a PPG comparison, as evaluating all the "intangibles" would take about a zillion pages.

Let's get it on:

Mikhail Grabovski – 2.9$ 59G 35Pts 0.59PPG

Todd White – 2.375$ 65G 26Pts .40PPG

Marco Sturm - 3.5$ 76G 37PTS .48PPG

Blake Wheeler - 2.85$ 82G 38PTS .46PPG

Ales Kotalik - 3$ 71G 27PTS .38PPG

Nik Hagman - 3$ 82G 44PTS .53PPG

Erik Cole - 2.9$ 40G 16PTS .40PPG

Sergei Samsonov - 2.53$ 72G 29PTS .40PPG

Kris Versteeg - 3$ 79G 44PTS .55PPG

Dustin Byfuglien - 3$ 82G 34PTS .41PPG

Dave Bolland - 3.375$ 39G 16PTS .41PPG

Milan Hejduk – 3$ 56 G44PTS .78PPG

Samuel Pahlsson - 2.65$ 79G 16PTS .20PPG

Chris Clark - 2.63$ 74G 20PTS .27PPG

Valtteri Filppula – 3$ 55G 35PTS .63PPG

Dan Cleary - 2.8$ 64G 34PTS .53PPG

Patrick O’Sullivan - 2.9$ 73G 34PTS .46PPG

Rostislav Olesz - 3.1$ 78 29PTS .37PPG

Stephen Weiss - 3.1 80G 60PTS .75PPG

Justin Williams - 3.175$ 49G 29PTS .59PPG

Dustin Brown - 3.1$ 82G 56PTS .59PPG

Mikko Koivu - 3.25$ 80G71PTS .88PPG

Andrei Kostitsyn - 3.25$ 59G 33PTS .56PPG

Zach Parise - 3.1$ 81G 82PTS 1.01PPG

Dainius Zubrus - 3.4$ 51G 27PTS .53PPG

Jamie Langenbrunner - 2.8$ 81G 61PTS .75PPG

Jay Pandolfo - 2.5$ 51G 9 PTS .17PPG

Jonathan Cheechoo - 3$.0 61G 14PTS .23PPG

Radim Vrbata – 3$ 62G 43PTS .69PPG

David Backes – 2.5$ 79G 48PTS .61PPG

Mikael Samuelsson – 2.5$ 74G 53PTS .72PPG

Mike Knuble - 2.8$ 69 G53PTS .77PPG

So at the one end you have players that are ridiculously good value in Zach Parise and Mikko Koivu and then you have the Jay Pandolfos and the Chris Clarks.

Only 10 out of the 32 forwards within 500k of Grabbo had a higher PPG rate than him, two had identical PPGs (WIlliams and Brown) and 20 were lower.

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