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Futuristic, Magical Beings

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Since I live in Vancouver and the Olympics, like it or not, have been a pretty big factor in my life (I was hired right after graduating from University to work on the Urban Planning and Public Space Plan for the Olympic Village) I have become more interested in the Olympics than I ever would have thought.  During the Vancouver Olympics, I eagerly read the articles depicting the Vancouver Olympics as an abject failure, mostly coming from Texas and the UK.  As someone who didn't attend a single event and had been pretty wary of seeing my home city as the host city, I thought they actually went off rather well (not a single day of work was missed due to the Olympics, nor was I in any way inconvenienced as far as travelling around the city), so I thought the criticism was unwarranted.

That is, until someone (SkinnyFish?) posted a picture of the London Olympic mascots in the CC yesterday.  Now it all makes sense: the articles were plants by people who knew what was coming.  An attempt to compensate for the complete and utter crap we were going to be fed by the London Olympic Committee.  Here's an article that explains how much they cost to develop (400,000 pounds), how much research went into it (40 focus groups) and the fact that they hope they'll resonate with children.

So I guess we can't say "Won't someone think of the children?!?!?"

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