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The Hardest Part is Getting Over the Hump

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We can all go back to hating Philadelphia now.
We can all go back to hating Philadelphia now.

Over the weekend I swam in a frigid lake; was attacked repeatedly by the Canadian Airforce; and developed a cold.

Thanks Canada!

I feel like shit, so here are your links. I'm now going to bomb some NyQuil and pass out. 

Where the hell are Sergei Gonchar's pants?

Seriously. Where the hell are they?

Winnipeg or Kansas City?

Bettman says Glendale has until Dec. 31st to find a buyer or he's selling the team.

Bloge Salming's Habs Eulogy Videos: Part 1 and Part 2

Down Goes Brown brings you the full lyrics.

Halak in no rush to sign contract with the Habs

I guess he's waiting for the smoke to clear to be sure there's still a rink in Montreal to play at.

Hawks and Flyers: By the Numbers

Hockee Night brings you the numerals behind the SCF series.

Hossa's agent used "mathematical model" in helping to find an elite team

Three Cup Finals in three years; that seems to be one hell of a model.

The NHL Draft Combine was held yesterday

The Leafs' scouts were there looking at potential RFAs to offer sheet in 2014.

Ken Dryden and his crossbar

VLM recalls the '71 cup final between Montreal and Chicago.

Kadri might beat higher picks to the NHL

Not sure why this matters, but whatever.

How much for that Kulie in the window?

The one with the Russian hair.