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Rickard Wallin Will Return to Farjestads

Burn Wallin in Effigy
Burn Wallin in Effigy


Wallin återvänder till Färjestad

Which roughly translated means Rickard Wallin will not be returning to the Toronto Maple Leafs next season. Last season Wallin had 2 goals and 7 assists along with a -7 rating in 60GP to go along with a -1.2GVT.

If you're sorry to see Wallin go you're either rooting against Farjestad in the SEL or the Leafs.

The only interesting part of this story is that Wallin and Jonas Gustavsson were reportedly best friends; Wallin was signed only to lure in the Monster. Let's hope Gusto doesn't get mopey about this.

This move obviously means we won't tie up an SPC on Wallin and it frees up a roster spot. Who fills it next year? Kadri? Marleau? Bertuzzi?

edit: According to foreign correspondent sleza "unless he gets some über awesome offer from nhl before june 15th in which case he can fly back to north america (if i got it correct)". So the potential for him returning is non-zero. Rats.