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Keiko says "sorry" <a href=""></a>
Keiko says "sorry"

So uh, nobody wanted an FTB yesterday, right?  Well, fortunately for me, there were very few links to put up anyways had I remembered to do it, so I included anything that I missed in today's FTB.  Still, sorry about that, I actually had a fun, relaxing weekend catching up with some friends, and playing with my puppy.  Although the puppy had an incident - I was playing fetch with her at the park and practicing her "coming when called" until at one point, as she went running for the ball, she came to a screeching halt and was chewing on something.  One of her really large teeth at the back of her mouth had come almost, but not quite, out, and she was trying her best to get it out.  It was really gross, this one kept popping in and out and you could actually hear her chewing on it.  And there was blood.  It took her about a half an hour to work it out, I saw it drop out of her mouth, and then she quickly gobbled it up.  Gross.

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