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Summer Sucks, Habs Blow

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Summer Sucks
Summer Sucks

Something monumental happened in my apartment two days ago. No, it wasn't the fact that I did laundry for the first time in over three weeks (that was Sunday). No, we finally turned on the AC for the first time all year. That makes May 3rd a very sad day. Sure there's hockey on the TV nearly every night for another month, but there is no more hiding the fact that summer is fast approaching. And with it, it brings the NHL draft (blech); the start of free agency (blech); awkward family barbecues (yumm and blech); and nothing but 3 months of hot and swamp ass humid days in New England. Oh joy.

Oh how the coming of summer make me reminisce about the glories of winter and all of the reasons why when compared to summer it is far and away the better season. No sweating in the car; no bugs crawling around or flying into your windows; no restless nights where even a sheet is too hot; no farmer's tans for the fellas, or awkward tan lines for the ladies. I'd happily take freezing for the first 5 minutes of driving; zero bugs; sound sleeping under 15 pounds of blankets; and overly bright pale skin for 6 months over anything that summer could bring.

If there were a way to induce a 6 month coma and wake up on November 5th on the eve of winter, I'd take it. And any other person of sound mind should as well.

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The Sharks are one game away from sweeping the Wings

San Jose won last night by the score of 4-3 for the third straight game.

The Windsor Spitfires swept Barrie last night in the OHL finals

Prospects Dale Mitchell and Kenny Ryan now set their sights on the Memorial Cup.

If you air it, they will watch

Viewership for the Playoffs is up across the board.

Fleury and the Pens shutout the dirty Habs

Looks like MAF might be the newest member of the No Habs No campaign.

Cops ask Habs fans to not riot so much

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Now their cars will be the first to burn.

Poni goes back to his Leaf roots and Marleau channels 1971

VLM with some reminiscing; both good and bad.

This is the picture next to the term "five-hole" in the dictionary

Vintage Leafs with another batch of photogoodness.

NHL Jerk Rankings

Curt S has started a blog and puts his own spin on power rankings. 

Finally on an interesting note, while I was reading up on the then impending sweep of the Barrie Colts at the hands of the Spitfires, I found some more love loss than just Windsor's goalie getting freight trained in Game 3.  During the OHL draft this past Saturday, between Games 2 and 3 of the Windsor/Barrie series, the Barrie Colts used their first round pick to select Kerby Rychel, a soon to be prototypical power forward. (The kid's 15 years old, 6' tall, and weighs 185. Yikes.)  Here's the catch; Kerby Rychel is the son of Windsor Spitfire GM and former Maple Leaf Warren Rychel.  Windsor had made it clear that they wanted to draft their "son" in the 2nd round, but Barrie took him before that could happen.  Some argue that the pick is legit because he is a legitimate talent and the best available. I personally think it's a dick move. Thoughts?