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Pansy Portions No More!

Some people might say that we only insult other teams on this blog - that's wrong, we also insult our own team - or that we don't provide 'value' or 'analysis' to coverage of the Leafs. Well, those people can kindly [Jiri Tlusty Level 451] and then eat it. In addition to creating internet memes like Throw The Snake and helping to keep mischievous anti-Canadiens campaigns alive and trying to get the City of Toronto to recognise Saskatchewan's favourite son with a park we keep a vigilant eye on the behemoth that is Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment. In retrospect, we clearly have a lot of free time on our hands but I digress.

Earlier in the week we brought you the story of the depraved Tony Glitz and the new Real Sports Bar and Grill in Maple Leaf Square across from the Air Canada Centre. The dirty corporate shame at the centre of the storm was Glitz's hatred of 'pansy portions'.


The word choice was tone deaf to say the least. Today, Real Sports made their first appearance on Twitter so I put on my investigative reporter hat (it's really just my dad's fedora with a playing card with 'MEDIA' scribbled on it) and decided to see if our report had any impact:


That's right folks, when PPP Amalgamated Heavy Industries and Kitten Ranch LLC is out of ideas and blogs about ridiculous topics MLSE listens! Hmmm, they also took out the part about not having inflated prices. As a seasoned visitor to the ACC I must express my complete and utter shock at that move. Sadly, our work is still not done. Real Sports Bar and Grill will still feature terrible beer choices from the owners of the Montreal Canadiens including one called '67' (how clever). The website still blasts the same kind of horrible music heard on every MySpace page and if you read it in your imagined Tony Glitz voice it will still creep the hell out of you.

Maybe this means that Affliction t-shirts won't be part of the required dress code or that the place will be renamed Not Quite As Real As We Wanted Sports Bar and Grill. We won't know until it opens in June, but any way you cut it this is another victory for the Barilkosphere. We Did It!