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You've Forgotten About Mother's Day

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Friends, I here to give you a friendly reminder. This Sunday is Mother's Day and you've forgotten all about it. You haven't gotten your mom anything. No bouquet of flowers, no box of chocolates, no fancy dinner plans, nothing. You've really slacked off. Fortunately, you have two days left to still get her something. In case you're stumped, have a look at what some NHL players are getting their mothers:

Vesa Toskala got his mom a Prada bag with his initials on it.

Chris Pronger made his mom a piece of elbow macaroni art.

Daniel Carcillo gave his mom a gift certificate for laser hair removal.

Patrick Kane rented his mom a limo for the day.

Brian Gionta got his mom a Blu Ray copy of The Wizard of Oz.

Daniel Alfredsson is taking his mom to the circus.

Tomas Kaberle got his mom Jeff Carter and a 1st round draft pick, but then thought twice about it and returned them.

Carey Price got his mom carton of Marlboro Red 100s.

If you know some other gifts that NHLers are giving to their mothers, post them in the comments.  Links after the jump.

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