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Play Your Cards Right and You Might Get a Phil Kessel

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If you don't have a Twitter account, then you're a parasitic troglodyte and you really need one.  It also means that you missed out on the NHLSexActs hashtag from yesterday.  It started with Archi asking what you call it when a smoking hot girl has two butt ugly older sisters. Some suggestions were Cinderella, Third Time's the Charm, Marge Simpson, Gretzky, Fresh Pea in a Rotten Pod, the Baldwin, Bizzarro Meatloaf, and the Gretzky.  Then the discussion shifted to the fact that Wayne was the oldest, so it didn't work.  Therefore I suggested the Reverse Gretzky, but PPP informed me that that was in fact a sexual position.

From there I believe it was archluke who gave us the first use of the #NHLSexActs hashtag:

The Derek Roy: Go down even though she did nothing to warrant it.

And from there it snowballed into awesomeness. Here are some of my favorites:

The Marian Hossa: You keep whoring yourself out and wonder why you never get a ring.

The Patrick Roy: Perform terribly; don't pull out; throw up your arms in mock celebration; then accuse her of humiliating you.

The Vancouver Canucks Fan: Tell the Leaf fan how great you are despite being a virgin that's just overcompensating.

The Pierre McGuire:  She compensates for being useless by making loud noises and calling you a monster.

The Lanny McDonald: Mustache rides are not optional.

The Senators fan: Something boring, in a motel outside of town.

and finally

Montreal'n it: Rigorous public masturbation accompanied by an "Ole" chant.

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