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Chris Pronger is a Jerk

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Just in case y'all didn't know, apparently Chris Pronger has stolen the game puck from the Chicago Blackhawks at the end of the last two games.  This makes Hawks fans mad, and last night on twitter they started calling Pronger names.  Now I feel for Hawks fans, but only the ones who have stuck around throughout the difficult times.  I doubt they're the ones calling Pronger names at this point, because they've probably been aware of his antics for quite a while and stealing the puck seems like one of the silliest things to complain about when you look back on Pronger's career.  But seeing the outrage that a simple action like that has... well, it has me hoping that Phaneuf is paying attention.  Phaneuf has to be mean but smart to be successful - just like Pronger does - and frankly I wouldn't mind seeing some of these displays from him once the Leafs become competitive.  What do you think - is this type of behaviour unwarranted and unworthy of a Leaf player, or would it help everyone embrace Phaneuf?

Those are just a few non-Kaberle related musings I have after the Hawks/Flyers game.  If you prefer Kaberle discussion, there's plenty of fodder for you in the links.