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Same Old Song and Dance

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In the wake of Chicago's Cup win last night I have a few questions. Not about Pronger's puck stealing or Keith's upcoming dental work, I want to know what the deal is with Damien Cox.

Too funny. Leaf fans already bitter that media will mention their team might soon own NHL's longest Cup drought. Game's not even over yet! - @DamoSpin

I wouldn't call myself bitter over the fact that Damien Cox "the media" is going to tell us about our drought. Damien Cox shouldn't confuse Leafs fans as being bitter about a drought with the truth: Damien Cox and his ilk are predictable windbags who've been licking their chops during the Hawks Cup run waiting to tell us all how stupid we are for their own self aggrandizement.

Leaf fans desperately want it pointed out '67 expansion teams Kings and Blues haven't won either. Now that's just pathetic. - @DamoSpin

Actually what's pathetic is that despite being a paid hockey commentator Damien Cox is spending time during the final game of the Stanley Cup playoffs defending his decision to point out one 43 year Cup drought while ignoring two others. 

@mlse Poor little fella. Desperately looking for someone to notice your blog. - @DamoSpin

Love this shot at PPP by the way. Damien Cox knows we exist and the act of mentioning us ruins his chance to pretend he looks down from his ivory tower at us peons. The very act of making this statement makes this statement not possible. Thinking about that as a philosophical question is probably the first interesting thing he's ever given his readers.

So Damien: keep looking down your nose at Leafs fans, your core readership, with disdain. That newspaper business is alive and healthy and us dumb bloggers in our parents' basements aren't qualified to talk hockey with you.

ps. I'm pretty sure the reason you like tennis is because there are no teams, no hometown players. You and your ilk can root for whoever's successful without anyone asking "why?"