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Who's Our A-Team?

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Tonight, after work is over and the boozing has begun, Chemmy and myself will venturing to the local cinema to take in the  modern masterpiece that is the new A-Team movie. And that got me thinking; if the Leafs had an A-Team, who would be its members?

Obviously, Brian Burke is Hannibal. Both are masterminds at what they do, though at first glance their tactics seems unorthodox (see the Phil Kessel trade), they get the job done and done right.

If there's a Murdoch with the Leafs, the crazy off-kilter pilot of everything that flies, it'd have to be Mikhail Grabovski. The way he plays, and his manner with which he kills pineapples can both best be described as insane.

The role of Face, the smooth talking con artist of the group, could only be played by  Tomas Kaberle.  He has undermined so many potentially beneficial situations for the Leafs it simply boggles the mind.

Lastly, if there's a B.A. Baracus on the team, it has to be Colton Orr. Only instead of pitying the fool, he pummels fools.

So that's my A-Team. What's your's? Links after the jump.


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