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Men's League Hockey is Good Times

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This man's wish is about to come true.
This man's wish is about to come true.

I just got back from my men's league game, a 5-3 win that saw over 40 minutes of penalties handed out between the two teams. I'm proud to say that I received two of those for tripping a guy, then tripping the same guy, and then just for fun tripping the same guy again.  He had slashed me earlier in the play, so I wanted to help him test out his tailbone pads.  They apparently work just fine as after the third time, he got up and followed me to the penalty box, got in my face and asked "What the fuck? What's wrong with you?" To which I replied, "I'm a dick."  His retort? "Yeah, you sure are." Cue me with a shit eating grin from ear to ear.

We actually hit a threshold in our game wherein our team accrued so many penalty minutes, our captain had to sit in the box for 5 minutes. We were all quite pleased with ourselves.


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Also, watch for the continuation of our player reviews as later on today we cover Jonas Gustavsson and Christian Hanson.