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Why Does Wednesday Have to be in the Middle?

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Hump Day calls for not a lot of talk and not a lot of links.  I can haz weekend now?? 


Jared is a big fan of Dion Phaneuf and 1960s Hanna-Barbera

While symbolic, the role of captain is still important

Burke will make or break himself on Dion Phaneuf.

Free agent food for thought

Had me going until the mention of Hockey Buzz. If you don't know why that's a "No No" round here, then you think that Brodeur is getting traded to the Capitals for Alex Semin.

Leafs NCAA Prospects: 2009-2010

Slava Duris takes a gander at the prospects who chose college over juniors.

Oh Captain! My Captain!

LeafsHQ gets up on a desk to defend the choice of Phaneuf.

Will the Hawks and Leafs be trading partners?

No. Probably not.